New Car Dealer Rebates 101

dealer rebates
Knowing the latest auto incentives offered can save you thousands on your new car, request a price quote now!

What exactly is a dealer rebate?

  • Rewards given to the dealer to make priority to sell a certain car
  • True information on dealer rebates is highly complicated to obtain on your own as they’re regional programs that tend to change on a weekly basis.
  • A certain car model usually is offered with more than one dealer incentive. Still, most of them cannot be combined; you’ll have to choose for one or the other.
  • Most of manufacturer to customer incentives are publicly advertised, and with proper online research you can get true information on those that are less public too.
  • If you go to the dealership in person, check the manufacturer date on the car, if the car has been sitting on the dealership for more than six months the dealer will be eager to sell and will probably give you bigger incentives.
  • If you make a proper online search you’ll have valuable dealer rebates information to use as leverage when negotiations start.

Is There Any Other Kind of Incentives? When Do They Apply?

  • Frequently special dealer incentive programs may offer dealers special and unusual incentives that may be passed along to the customer.
  • Depending on your negotiation skills you may get special add-ons or added features.
  • Extended warranty programs
  • Roadside assistance may be an option too

All the above incentives may apply if you have the right information and know that a specific car dealership may offer you those items. When you request a free price quote you’ll be in touch with several dealerships that will try to offer you as much incentives possible to win your business over. Use your price quote wisely and chances are that you’ll take home a car with many extra options on it.

To get the best dealer rebates; you need to cast a wide net, finding as many car dealers as possible. When you request a free no-obligation new car price quote you are doing just this. Your request will go directly to multiple new car dealerships that will contact you to try to win your business over. There are so many undisclosed dealer cash incentive programs, to meet sales quotas, that you need help in finding them. These dealer rebates make the actual, real sale price when comparing deals in your town.

Get started today by requesting a free no-obligation new car price quote! Learn everything you need to get a great deal with the best dealer rebates in minutes!