Making Sense of How Dealer Incentive Programs Work

dealer incentive program
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Automobile makers design dealer incentive programs to improve sales or to clear out slow selling models inventories. New car incentives may include cash-back rebates and/or low interest rate financing specials. It is important to be aware that some incentives are note

guaranteed to the customer. Your knowledge and negotiation skills are key to taking maximum advantage of these discounts! Factory to dealer incentives are passed along to the new car buyer while dealer incentive programs are designed for car dealers.

Timing is Essential

Having plenty of time to buy a new car is an advantage. Try not to be in desperate need and plan in advance your new car purchase. This way you will have enough freedom to choose the best deal when it appears. Dealer incentive programs are usually offered when summer ends, as dealerships are getting ready to receive new car models. A good time get the best incentive is at the end of the car’s design cycle. Usually four years after it debuted.

Gather the information about dealer incentive programs and determine whether you can take advantage of their benefits. Depending on what’s being offered decide what discount suits you best, low interest financing or a cash rebate. What you should determine is whether the entire cost of your car loan will cost you less with the cash rebate or with the lowered financing.

Dealer rebates are a great marketing strategy for manufacturers. The entice new car dealers to sell more, the more they sell the bigger incentives they’ll receive. You have to remember that these dealer incentive programs are the trickiest to spot, but you can still take advantage of them.

By requesting a free no-obligation new car price quote you can get a hold on them. Several dealers will be competing for your business, therefore they be willing to lower their prices, giving you a good deal.

You have to do your research in advance to save thousands of dollars on your next ne car. Take your time, and do things at your own pace. Start by narrowing your choice down to two or three cars. Research dealer incentive programs, then request a price quote on each new vehicle. Price quotes are free so you can ask for as many quotes as you want. Compare the prices given to you by several dealerships and see if the incentives and rebates are on them. Identify the dealers who are willing to use their dealer incentive programs to give you a good price.

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