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Search for auto rebates by make and model; view current incentive programs, including cash back rebates by requesting a price quote!

Car dealer discounts and low-APR financing are becoming the rule, not the exception, in the auto world. Nowadays, car manufacturers are giving rebates car of up to $3,000 on slow-selling models. If you’re about to change your car, you should be aware that rebates exist and know how to take advantage of them. Almost every dealer incentive program offers significant discounts on all its new models and these incentives usually include 0% financing and cash back rebates.

Auto manufacturers need their assembly lines to move all the time. Therefore, they need their car dealerships to sell cars on a daily basis. Rebates on vehicles make this possible. New car buyers are attracted to the showrooms because of the big discounts and low prices up for grabs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The car maker sells more cars to the dealership, the car dealership get its cars moving off the lots and the buyer gets to buy a brand new car for a low price.

Just consider that rebates car deals come directly from the manufacturer and are offered to the customer, so dealers’ profits aren’t affected. Many new car buyers use the discounted cash back to include expensive add-ons into their new cars, giving direct profit to car dealers. The best way to get a rock-bottom deal is to contact several dealers (by requesting a price quote). Then, let them compete for your business.

You can use current rebates car discount information, including the dealer cost (often called the invoice price), to show the dealer you've done your homework. This will help you determine a fair price to give you a fair deal and the dealer a fair profit. Remember that some popular models may not have rebates that are applicable.

After you determine which car model you want, you should request a price quote. This is the only way to gather true pricing information before getting to the dealer's lot. Make sure the rebates are included in the price quote they’re offering you. If they're not, shop from another dealer. You have the ultimate power to buy or decline and that’s the bottom line.

Request a free price quote on any new car and find the best possible deals, at the lowest price in your town. Plus, see secret true rebates car information. Request a free, no-obligation new car price quote that will give you an idea of the latest incentives and rebates available for the car you want to buy.