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Will the new Toyota Prius overpower the Chevy Volt?

It seems we can’t really provide an answer for you, however we have some details on each of the cars, so you can compare and make up your mind.

First thing to mention is the difference in price. The Prius is priced about $8,000 less than the Chevy Volt. Nowadays, the price is a factor that has a lot of weight when it comes to car buying.

Both cars are designed to run on electric power alone and when the energy dies, an auxiliary engine takes action. On one side, Volt provides more miles on power alone, estimated at 35 miles and on the other hand, Prius supposedly runs only for 15 miles, but it can be recharged in only 3 hours (Volts takes 10 hours).

While General Motors is preparing its 2012 fleet, Prius will start delivering March of next year in only 14 states. So we must wait and see what the word is out there when they start competing.

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Despite aggressive competition from long time rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Lexus is not backing down, on the contrary, is launching a more attractive approach to customers with month-month steady rebates and incentives.

This past August, Lexus Rebates increased the average to 41%, representing $2,667 per auto, making this, the biggest increase done by any vehicle manufacturer in the luxury car segment.

Lexus models RX and ES are strongly competing with Mercedes Benz M and E Class vehicles, currently offering a $4,000 cash back rebate.

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