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This Black Friday, car dealers are giving huge discounts and rebates for their remaining 2013 inventory. It can get confusing to sort through all of the dealer rebates and incentives for each dealership in your area. The object is always to pay the lowest price and maximize savings, but without the proper information, you may not be taking full advantage this Black Friday. Don’t rush into the nearest dealership this Black Friday with their ad in hand until you do a bit more research. An hour or two of research can potentially save you thousands of dollars!

Don’t Believe Everything You See

The dealerships will be spending thousands of dollars this holiday season trying to get you to stop in a test drive a vehicle. Those marketing dollars must be recouped somehow. Dealerships never advertise the lowest price they will take for a vehicle, so be prepared to negotiate starting at their advertised price.

Start a Bidding War

After you narrow down the makes and models that you would like to buy, research new car rebates and incentives at of all the competitors to see if someone else is offering the deal on a new car, truck or SUV. Researching their competitors can save you thousands.

Stop by today and get connected with the local dealers in your area with the best priced new 2013 cars, trucks and SUVs.