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The last week of the year is quite known for amazing rebates and discounts, but this particular car dealership owner is surely taking things to another level.

Bill Doraty, owner of a single Kia dealership in Medina, Cleveland is proudly offering customers who have purchased a KIA car this week, that if the Pittsburgh Steelers are shut out by the Cleveland Browns, they will get their car for free!

Doraty comments that he knows a lot about marketing and knows that these type of promotions do work. And that, he gladly spends a lot in advertisement to have a good reward at the end.

This is not the first time someone offers such a crazy deal. Back in 1999, an electronics company in Kansas City came out with the promotion that if the Chiefs shut out the Chargers, all customers who purchased an item of more than $399 would get it for free. That week, the Chiefs did beat the Chargers and many customers had their items for free. Reportedly, the company had one of the biggest sales in history.

Doraty comments: “If there are ten Kia dealerships in Cleveland, assuming all else is equal, why wouldn’t you come buy your car from us? There’s a chance it could be free.” Very true, the only chance you are taking is getting a car for free.

In the case Browns do win, customers do have to pay any manufacturer’s rebates and taxes for the vehicle.

Long time rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW are once again competing to achieve the top selling spot in the US Market this year.

Both manufacturer’s sales have increased in 2011 (12.3% for BMW and 11.8% for Mercedes Benz respectively), surpassing Lexus’s division, who was the leading luxury makes seller for two years in a row.

End of year is always the best time to purchase a new car, but on top of already existing car rebates and dealer incentives, these two manufacturers are taking advantage of Toyota’s current issues to deliver the amount of vehicles planned, and are also offering cash rebates and discounts in order to gain as many customers as possible.

Both magnates have silently offered car dealers attractive discounts they can offer customers when they walk into the dealership and show interest in competitors’ cars.

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