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The 2013 model year has come and gone (in Australia). 2014 is upon us and luxury cars are stepping up their rebates and incentives to compete with rest of the automakers in the non-luxury classes. Below is a list we compiled most of the luxury automakers and the amazing new vehicle rebates and incentives they are offering in the New Year! Get your FREE quotes from and verify if our results are applicable in your area.

Up to 750 cash back incentives and manufacturer financing from 0.9%.

Manufacturer financing as low as 1.9%.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives for 2013 models and up to $1500 for 2014 models. Financing from 2.9%.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives on 2013 Escalades and up to $2000 in rebates on 2014 Escalades. Financing as low as 1.9%

Up to $1000 in rebates and incentives on 2013 models and up to $750 on 2014 models.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives on the 2014 Jaguar XK and financing as low as 1.9%.

Up to $750 in rebates and incentives on certain 2013 and 2014 Lexus models and financing as low as 1.9%.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes has stepped their incentives for 2014, offering up to $1000 in rebates and incentives on the 2014 M-Class models, up to $2000 in incentives on the 2014 C, GLK and SLK Classes, up to $3000 off the 2014 CLS-Class, and up to $4000 on the 2014 E-Class.

Remember to verify these deals with your local dealerships at

You’ve probably seen and heard all of the television and radio ads from automakers telling you this is the time of the year to purchase that new car, truck or SUV you’ve been saving for. Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus are flooding the airwaves with promises of huge savings and a gift someone will never forget. If you do some research and are prepared to negotiate, it may be a new vehicle purchase that you’ll never forget.

Due to slow November sales numbers, automakers are hiking up incentives to clear out 2013 inventor for the 2014 models. These enormous discounts include Cadillac CTS saving of up to $6000 for the 2013 model, Chevrolet Silverado trucks offering $4500 savings on 2013 pickups, and $4000 in incentive savings on Chevy’s 2013 Impala. Honda is offering $3000 in incentives for new Hondas sold in the month of December. Find out more about these deals at

One last step that will save you even more cash from a local dealership. Take these incentives and promotions you have learned about from and find two or three competing dealerships in your local area. Get price quotes from each and negotiate based on your lowest offer. This last step can save you over $1000 if you use it correctly.

Enjoy the best time of the year and get an amazing deal from Happy Holidays!