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If you’re like most Americans, we are budget conscious. An extra $50 or $100 per month makes a difference in our budgets, so saving as much as possible when we are purchasing a new car is very important. We have compiled a short list of 5 vehicles that get great gas mileage and also leave some extra change in your pocket after you buy.

5. 2014 Chevy Sonic – Chevy’s Sonic is a great choice for the budget conscious. It offers 26/35 MPG city/highway and also retails for just under $15000.

4. 2014 Nissan Versa Note – Nissan’s compact car is another stellar choice for penny pinchers at 14,995. The note only has 109 horsepower, but offers 27/36 MPG city/highway, so it will definitely save you money at the pump.

3. 2014 Ford Fiesta – Ford’s Fiesta is always a crowd favorite and for good reason. The Fiesta offers 28/37 MPG city/highway and is equipped with plenty of interior features for only around 14,925.

2. 2014 Fiat 500 – Want something you won’t see every day on the road, but won’t break the bank? The Fiat 500 is your answer. The Fiat 500 provides an amazing 31/40 MPG city/highway, so it will save money at the pump as well for around 16,995.

1. 2014 Dodge Dart – The Dart rounds out the top 5 because of its great design and interior style. It also retails at $17,490, but rebates are available. 25/36 city highway will keep you on the road and not at the gas station. Find the best deals on these vehicles and more at today!

There have been a flood of calls, questions and explanations at General Motors’ dealerships around the country. GM auto dealers are claiming their customers are very concerned and unsure what steps need to be taken to get their faulty ignitions switches replaced. Most are concerned about their safety in the 2.6 million vehicles GM has recalled in the last few months for the ignition failure.

Many other GM owners are asking if other models are safe to drive or if there are any recalls set in the near future on their vehicles. This has increased the number of calls and concerns out there, since the 2.6 million vehicles recalled is a small percentage of the total number of GM vehicles on the road. GM has assured customers that the vehicles are safe to drive as long as they remove any keys from the key ring that may affect the key to fall out of the “On” position.

Dealers can offer owners of recalled vehicles a $500 rebate on a new GM vehicle if they choose to change or upgrade. If you want more details on GM rebates for new cars and trucks, or any other vehicle make and model, get your free quotes from today!