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Still considering buying a new electric car because its simply too expensive? Well, we have good news for you. Some dealers in Washington and California are offering $5,000 off from the price tag.

The current rebate is being offered on 2012 Leaf models, which have a base price of around $36,000. You can add up the 5,000 rebate to the 7,500 federal tax rebate plus different state incentives (these may vary depending on dealership and zip code). You can now score a great deal of about $25,000 for this well reviewed electric vehicle.

A Washington State dealer is also offering in the cost of a Level 2 home charging station as part of the lease payment for little as $50 more per month when you lease a vehicle for 39 months.

Nissan is currently working in the 2013 leaf version, so it makes sense that they want to start clearing out inventory of 2012 models.

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Kia, Nissan and For are following the example of competitors such as GM and Toyota, and are currently offering great rebates for the whole month of July.

If you are considering getting a 2012 model, this is the time to make it come true. 0% vehicle loans are now available for several models and also for a few 2013 versions. These deals are available on a 36 month period.

If you wish to obtain a longer term deal, you will end up paying a slight higher percentage loan rates of about 1.9%.

Don’t forget to ask for the available cash rebates. These manufacturers will give you from $500 to $2,500 If you finance through them. There is also a cash back rebate of up to $3.500 in some 2012 models. This offers may vary depending on area and dealership.

If you prefer a leasing option instead, you may be able to negotiate a great deal at the moment.For a period of 36 months you can lease almost any 2012 model. Lease payments start as low as $179. Down payment may be needed at signing.

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