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Long time rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW are once again competing to achieve the top selling spot in the US Market this year.

Both manufacturer’s sales have increased in 2011 (12.3% for BMW and 11.8% for Mercedes Benz respectively), surpassing Lexus’s division, who was the leading luxury makes seller for two years in a row.

End of year is always the best time to purchase a new car, but on top of already existing car rebates and dealer incentives, these two manufacturers are taking advantage of Toyota’s current issues to deliver the amount of vehicles planned, and are also offering cash rebates and discounts in order to gain as many customers as possible.

Both magnates have silently offered car dealers attractive discounts they can offer customers when they walk into the dealership and show interest in competitors’ cars.

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Contradictory to what most people predicted, experts in the automotive industry expect luxury car sales to continue to grow in the following year.

Ludwig Willisch, head of North American BMW, the launch of three new 3-series models (which would be the sixth generation) as well as new line ups from competitors should give a big boost to car sales next year, as the economy recovers. He quotes: “New products from all the competitors…will drive the market.”

The new redesigned 3-series comes with a new function that will turn off the engine itself to save fuel when you stop, will be lighter and bigger and features an eight speed automatic transmission.

The one downfall that we can find to these new models is that there are not and probably will not be any car rebates available. The models will be priced around $35.000 and $45.000.

Currently, the only luxury car showing a cash back rebate of $500 is the 2012 Lincoln MKS.