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Toyota’s well sold RAV4 will launch its electric version at the end of this month.

Exact starting price has not yet been revealed but spokespersons said it will be close to $50,000 before federal tax credit and other government and/or State incentives available at that time.

The SUV can reach about 103 miles and it’s by far the Electric Vehicle with the wider range, surpassing competitors by 20-30 more miles. The creation of this luxury vehicle was made in collaboration with Tesla Motors.

The very well-reviewed RAV4 EV not only offers more miles but has a bigger price tag than the rest of EVs at the moment that sell on the market. Even with federal tax and other incentives (depending on the state) the cheapest price would be around 38,000. The electric version of the Ford Focus starts at about $10,000, for many less miles of course. This model only runs on electricity contrary to the Chevy Volt that also has gasoline engine. Besides the current incentives, this car also gets that coveted car pool lane permit sticker.

If you would like to lease a RAV4, Toyota will give you the option to do a 36-month lease for $599 per month and $3,499 due at sign in. If you prefer to finance, the manufacturer will offer a 1.9% loan rate

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According to the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) this coming year new and old car buyers will have the possibility to obtain bigger and more car rebates on electric and hybrid cars. The only downfall is that most of those rebates will not be available throughout all States.

Incentives are well accepted by the government, politicians and of course car manufacturers, that consider these offers to be of great impact on the environment, help driving lanes be less congested, reduce overall costs after buying a car.

Currently for some models and in some States, rebates on electric cars can be as high as $13.000, which reduces the starting price substantially. Electric vehicles have a high price at the moment, but with these available rebates it is definitely a big relieve when making the decision of buying an EV.

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