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California, the land of milk and honey, has quickly become the land of electric vehicles. California sells more EVs than the rest of the country combined, even though the trend is growing in other states with aggressive rebate programs to incentivize new EV buyers. The California Air Resource Board has recently released its EV Driver Dashboard survey on their website for other state and federal legislators to view.

The survey asked EV buyers questions about the reasons they choose an EV over a gas powered vehicle. They also asked demographic questions along with their level of awareness of the current state and federal rebates for EV vehicles. The results were surprising. Most of the people replied that federal and state incentives were the most important factor in their EV purchases. About 37% of the respondents also cited fuel savings as a major contributor in their decision.

Lastly, about 21% of people purchased an EV for the environmental impact of no emissions, versus gas powered vehicles. For more information on EV prices near you, get a new EV car quote from today!

If you are buying a new electric vehicle (EV) in Massachusetts, than a rebate may be available from the state. The rebate is worth up to $2500 if you purchase or lease an EV on or after today, Wednesday June 18th, 2014. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis until the 2 million dollars earmarked for the rebates is all used up. To be eligible for the rebate, you must submit your application within three months of the purchase or lease.

Massachusetts is also accepting applications for another program that will assist EV drivers after their purchases or leases. Under this program, the state Department of Environmental Protection will provide half of the necessary funding needed for charging station hardware costs. This program’s aim is to give up to $25,000 to employers to install Level 1 or Level 2 charging stations for electric and plug-in electric vehicles. These rebates will also be first-come, first serve.

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