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Toyota and Lexus are proudly welcoming US troops with a special treat; a nice rebate for those that need a car when returning home.

    Lexus Deals:
  • Financing options as low as only 0.9% APR loans on both 2011 ES and IS and the RX350 2012 models. To expire on February 29th.
  • The rest of the available cars will offer a nice $750 rebate. Rebate available until March.
    Toyota Deals
  • Financing options start at 1.9% APR on loans for up to sixty months on almost all 2011 and 2012 models. It can be combined with a $500 military rebate. To obtain the low financing deals you need to sign the papers before March 5th, but the rebate will last until January 2013.

In order to qualify for these offers, participants must be on active duty in the US Military or US Military Inactive Reserve.

If you are currently in active duty status for the Army, US Navy, Marines, Air Force, National or Coast Guard, active or inactive Reserve you may qualify for a $500 purchase rebate on a series of Toyota cars.

Lake Toyota dealership at Devils Lake in North Dakota is supporting our troops by offering this rebate program to eligible military personnel.

Interested customers need to provide proof of their active military status (letter and/or statement) and military identification card. Note that this rebate cannot be combined with the Toyota College Rebate.

Toyota is currently also offering several end of year incentives such as 0% financing, cash rebates and amazing lease deals.

For this and many more Toyota rebates please visit us anytime, request free quotes online and obtain the best available rebates.