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According to the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) newsletter car buyers will have the chance to obtain bigger incentives when buying electric cars on most of the regions in the United States.

USA Today reported that key factors to these offers are the chance for automakers to launch electric cars massively and have and impact on environment, less congested driving lanes and less expensive prices.

Electric vehicles are being offered with a federal tax credit of up to $7.500 which reduces the price to the same range as any regular vehicle.

It is expected for EVs to be sold in more states by the end of the year. All states are currently offering incentives on these vehicles. Also, 9 states offer tax credits or cash rebates of $1,500 to $7,500.

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In a few weeks, car buyers who decide to buy a compressed Natural Gas auto, will also receive additional car incentives in Oklahoma based on a new plan proposed.

Besides the existing $7,500 in federal tax credit, this new plan will approve a new car rebate of $2,500 for a dedicated CNG vehicle; $1,500 for a dual-fuel vehicle conversion; and $2,500 toward the cost of a CNG home-filling station.

According to Cherokee Ballard, ONG spokeswoman: This will go right back into the pockets of Oklahomans,” “It will allow people interested in CNG vehicles to help pay for the cost of conversion or a natural-gas vehicle.

The objective of this project is to show consumers the importance in new fuel alternatives, that are not only more affordable but better for the environment and cause overall less impact in the everyday life.

Offering more rebates will help new customers make up their mind and have another reason to change or upgrade to a CNG vehicle.

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