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Ford is offering a $500 cash rebate on new Ford or Lincoln vehicles to the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The rebate is part of the Disaster Relief Bonus Cash program and it is open to current residents of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy until January 2013. This rebate is available to car owners and car lessees, and can be transferred within the household.

Participants of the Credit’s Disaster Relief Program also qualify to delay up to 2 monthly payments, only to resume regular payment schedules when conditions improve for them.

On a different note, other manufacturers have also stepped in and donated to the cause. It is reported that General Motors donated 50 vehicles to the American Red Cross relief effort to help in the northeastern area. GM donated Chevy Traverse, Tahoe and Express Cargo vehicles and also gave $250,000 in cash to the Red Cross Disaster Response Program.

In times like this its when we must all come together and bring some change for the people effected by this tragedy.